Lakedell Mighty Mutts

Lakedell Mighty Mutts was founded in 1999 by dog owners who wanted to make their dogs’ lives more interesting by learning the routines involved in Dog Agility. The group meets every Wednesday evening, year round, at Lakedell Ag. Society, outdoors in the summer and in the heated arena during the winter. At present our members come from the Wetaskiwin, Lakedell, MaMeO, Buck Lake and Falun areas. Practices are held mainly for fun but also with the option of working towards competitive Agility events held throughout Alberta and Canada.  In fact, one of our members was a competitor in the Canadian National Agility Finals held in Nanaimo this year. Every summer, the Mighty Mutts participate in several demonstrations. In the past we have provided demonstrations at Amberlea Meadows, Wetaskiwin Pioneer Days, Village at Pigeon Lake, Winfield, and Lakedell Annual Fair, among others.

At present the group consists of about 12 handlers whose dogs range from Jack Russell Terriers to Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors, as well as many dogs of unknown parentage. Many of our members own “rescue” dogs and it is wonderful to see the fun that these dogs are having practicing agility with their owners after their previous lives of cruelty and hardship. We are the only Dog Agility Club between Red Deer and Edmonton and are always happy to welcome new members. We have an Orientation Program to introduce new members to agility and also have access to a well-known agility expert who often provides training programs for our Club.

Please contact Ilene Kiernan, 780-586-2763 for more information on our Club.

Pictures are from the September 1st, 2012 Lakedell Country Fair – Click on each picture to view enlarged picture.  What a great demonstration they put on for everyone!